To travel alone or not to travel alone... That is the question.

Traveling Solo: 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling Alone

Have you ever dreamed of living adventures such as Jacques Cousteau's? Read Traveling Solo: 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling Alone and you'll figure out how it is.

There are some people who have always had the dream of traveling around the world and getting to know every corner of this magical planet. Nevertheless, each person wants to live their journeys in a different way and, for diverse reasons, they may start traveling on their own. This is why I’m going to talk to you about the moment when you decide to start traveling solo and I will tell you 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling Alone. Let’s get started!

As I have learned in all my years as a globetrotter, the experience of every trip changes depending on who you go with - whether it is with your family, with some friends, with your partner or without anyone; but this doesn’t mean that it is better or worse, it is just about enjoying the trip in a different way.

Advantages of Traveling on Your Own

Undertaking a trip, whatever its purpose, will always be a rewarding experience; but doing it by yourself implies many other amazing experiences related (but not limited) to the following advantages:

1. It Improves Your Self-Confidence

Now I see how fierce and brave I really am! (Source: Pixabay)

When you start traveling on your own, you must figure out how to fix different kind of situations which may arise “along the way”, so you will tend to be more creative and find the most incredible solutions to problems because you are being forced to move out from your comfort zone.

All this process helps you to develop your self-confidence, motivated by the fact that you have to face your fears and weaknesses, managing to feel more comfortable with who you are and with the decisions you make.

2. You Learn to Love Your Own Company

This feels so good... No one talking or walking around. (Source: Pixabay)

If you have always traveled in someone's company, be it your parents, friends, colleagues or partner; you miss the chance to appreciate things in the same way or to get to know yourself at the level that being alone implies.

Otherwise, when you dare to go out and discover the world without company you can listen to your own voice, without anyone's influence, besides understanding what you really want and feel, be able to explore, having a deeper knowledge of your thoughts in solitude and learning to love yourself that way.

3. You Enjoy Your Freedom

I can curse out loud and no one will hear me. LOL (Source: Pixabay)

The independence that traveling on your own implies doesn’t compare to anything, because you don’t have to depend on schedules, tastes or even the humor of other people; so your itinerary will only be dictated by what you want and what you can do.

You can visit places which are only of your interest, try different drinks or meals without feeling that you need approval from someone, attend events without being tied to others and carry out your plans just as you wish.

4. You Can Sleep Tight

ZzZzZzZzZz... (Source: Pixabay)

One of the pleasures of life is enjoying the privacy of a silent room and a comfortable bed for yourself, without having to listen to the snores or strange sounds of anyone, waiting to be able to use the bathroom or even endure some bad habits that other person may have.

Not having to deal with these things at the sacred sleeping time is something really good, especially for those who appreciate the personal space and don’t want to bother others.

5. You Go at Your Own Pace

If I pick up speed, I think I can pass that old lady with the walker... (Source: Pixabay)

While you travel, the same exact thing happens as when you go with someone to a party, which is, if your companion gets tired and wants to go to sleep or if they lose control and want to continue the party, you both must reach an agreement to not ruin it.

It also happens if you are visiting several shops in a big city or walking great distances to reach a place you want to see, you just follow your own pace and rest whenever you want, besides restarting the adventure or retiring at the moment you want.

On the other hand, making your trip under this "mode" involves certain inconveniences which you must be aware of, so now I will tell you some disadvantages of doing this activity.

Disadvantages of Traveling on Your Own

1. You Are More Vulnerable

I don't enjoy feeling like Little Red Riding Hood! (Source: Pixabay)

One of the disadvantages of traveling solo is that you become more vulnerable to scams or unscrupulous people who only seek to harm others, and whose only interest is to attract naive travelers. Don't be one of those who is only looking for discovery and enjoyment without awareness of the danger.

This doesn’t mean that you will easily become a victim of these malicious people, but you must be careful, trust your intuition and don’t let those people you don’t know influence you. Beware!

2. You Know No One

Maybe it won't be so hard to find new friends. (Source: Pixabay)

Normally, when you travel with company, you can count on the people who are with you for any inconvenience or emergency that may arise, as well as sharing your thoughts or consulting your doubts about something that is happening.

This way, there are situations which can be overwhelming for some travelers, pushing their limits to the maximum and getting them affected by those situations when they have to face them without any support or help.

3. You Spend More Money

OMG, my pockets have holes in them! I lost all my money! (Source: Pixabay)

When you are organizing group tourist packages and booking rooms or cabins in groups, among other services, the cost per person is often significantly less than when you travel on your own.

Likewise, when you take a trip with several persons you can raise funds among you all, where everyone contributes with a part of the total money to pay for accommodation, food or whatever you need to buy in common. If you travel unaccompanied, all of the expenses are usually greater and are paid entirely by you.

4. You Have No One to Take Pictures of You

Say cheeeeeeeeeese. (Source: Pixabay)

It may seem a bit silly, I know, but it is true that you will depend on the selfies or the goodwill of strangers to immortalize those spectacular and unrepeatable moments you're experiencing in a still image.

It is about having the complicity of someone who knows you and knows how you like to take pictures, who captures your best angle, has enough patience to capture the images you want and with whom you can do silly things without feeling ashamed.

5. You Must Go Back to the Routine!

Why have these days passed so fast?! (Source: Pixabay)

When the date to return is approaching and the journey is coming to an end, we try to extend every minute and we don’t want the trip to finish, so we don’t have to go back to the routine, especially those who aren’t happy at all with their jobs or the place where they live.

Frustration can be present and, even when this is not a disadvantage of traveling alone by itself, it becomes a consequence that makes us want to repeat the experience (not bad, right?).

Furthermore, traveling on your own will allow you to enjoy a more personal experience of the place where you’re going, forcing you to socialize with the locals and put your effort to make yourself understood, as well as get to see those realities which you couldn’t see otherwise and to get more involved, to see the most human side of travels. Now we want to know…

Have you traveled alone or are you thinking of doing it?

What do you think of lonely travelers?

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