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The Top 7 College Degrees for Travelers

Imagine you could mix business with pleasure? In this article, we bring you the Top 7 College Degrees for Travelers list so you can find out how!

After leaving high school, a cycle of years of studying is closed and new questions like "Now, what to do with my life?" appear. Some young people simply decide to get to know the world, others want to work and another part decides to go to university. Furthermore, traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and although it sounds a bit strange, there are people who are paid for it. In this list, we bring you The Top 7 College Degrees for Travelers with which you can travel the world while you take advantage of your degree.

It is a fact that there is a wide variety of university degrees that provide the necessary tools so that you can perform in a specific area and obtain a good income for it. The career will depend on your tastes, strengths, expectations, the work field, your dream income, etc.

For this reason, if you define yourself as a creative, adventurous person (a digital nomad or a freelancer, in this case) who runs away from monotony and who has no problems working while traveling and exploring many new places in the world, you will be glad to know that there are professions that will allow you to do so... and I will show you in this article what they are. Let's get started!

1. Photography

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Photographing is the action of capturing the world in an image. In many countries there are institutions where they teach photography as a subject in the career of audiovisual arts; other schools, such as the New York Institute of Photography in the United States, are responsible for teaching a wide variety of courses and specializations in this area.

Photographers are always in constant movement and basically are autonomous, they can work covering musical events, sports or other events for a local newspaper, however, many find it more profitable to work independently.

There are many international companies that are responsible for buying photographs for their publications. In countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, a professional photographer working for media such as CNN or National Geographic can earn an average of $450 to $600 USD per day.

Like all art, the more exclusive, beautiful or impressive the photo, its value will increase, being able to earn up to $5 Million USD in the most amazing cases.

2. Tourism

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This career is quite common, so you can study it in any country during an average period of between 3 and 5 years. The profession allows you to be part of what the tourist population enjoys in a city as well as being trained to manage and manage tourism businesses.

Although the tourism industry is developing in all countries of the world, there is a great demand for this qualified personnel in different areas of work in Costa Rica, Peru, India and the United States, since tourism is an activity of all year.

Salaries range from the minimums established by law to higher remunerations depending on the position and the country; a good estimated average would be about $700 USD in Latin American countries and about $1,500 USD in European countries.

3. Media Communication

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This multi-faceted degree, which takes 4 years to get, offers techniques and tools for investigating, evidencing and communicating information of public interest through the different media.

Working as a reporter in media of international coverage - and for a salary of approximately $30,000 USD per year - many times you must go to the most inhospitable corners of the world, only to obtain first-hand information or to give continuity to the fact.

With the rise of social networks, blogs and the internet, this profession has become one of the most requested in most countries in the world offering you the versatile option to work from anywhere.

Generally, for article sold to any company you will earn from $50 to $100 USD and for audiovisual reporting you could earn up to $250 USD per day. There are so many options in the Internet market that you could be the one to decide who, who or where to write or perform your next job.

4. Archeology

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With this profession, you will travel through the world and also into the past. The archaeologist is basically responsible for studying the origin, development and behavior of human beings, past and present. London, Spain and the United States lead the list of the countries where the best universities are located where you can study this 5-year career.

To carry out a research project and answer questions or test hypotheses on a topic, it is necessary to follow the traces of our ancestors that are scattered around the world.

The profits of an archaeologist depend on the sponsors and contracting companies; making salaries oscillate between $1,000 USD, to exceeding $4,000 USD monthly.

The demand of archeologists in the world centers in pre-Hispanic regions such as Peru or Mexico, Celtic Nations such as Scotland or Ireland, among other places of interest in the Middle East.

5. Translation and Interpretation 

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If you like to travel and move in an international environment and have always enjoyed hearing and understanding a language different from yours, you should consider studying Translation and Interpretation.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest academic offer to pursue this career, which lasts from 4 to 5 years of study. There are also competent universities in Latin America and the United States.

With the growth of the economic, industrial and technological market, the need for effective communication to address problems is imminent. This is why the translator is one of the professionals with the largest work field in the world.

It is estimated that between 2010 and 2020, more than 20,000 jobs in the area will be available to work in mass production and worldwide companies located in countries such as Japan, the United States or China. Also, being an interpreter of someone or some specific staff will increase your chances of traveling in many places, only to be available for when it is required.

In general, a translator (not independent) has an annual profit of about $43,000 USD after taxes, although in regions of the Middle East can reach up to about $1,000 USD per day (due to these are war zones).

6. International Relations

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International Relations cover aspects of international law, relations between states, countries and international organizations from the historical, legal and political point of view. The duration of the career is 5 years and is commonly taught in most countries.

You could exercise your career in international organizations such as the United Nations, work in embassies of your country of origin located in any country or in the field of foreign political relations.

As a minimum measure, the salary of an internationalist is close to $1,000 USD in Latin America and in Europe about $2,000 USD monthly. Even so, if you develop in the diplomatic environment your income will be even higher, as well as increasing your chances of traveling constantly.

7. Ship and Cruise Captain

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It has been the dream of every child to be the captain of a great ship, and with this power to navigate through immense waters of the ocean. Reality is not that far from that childhood dream.

A captain is the highest authority of a vessel and therefore coordinates and is responsible for all activities carried out there. Depending on the type of boat, this maritime career will allow you to know different parts of the world and its mixed culture will be reflected in its deck and machine crew, who accompany the captain as family during long trips.

To achieve the role of captain, in addition to obtaining the title in any academy or maritime institution, you must have at least 1,000 hours of navigation, have experience in minor crew positions (whose earnings range between $3,000 USD per month) and as all drivers obtain the marine captain's license.

This long trajectory, provides a profit of about $7,000 USD monthly, which could increase depends on the contracting company until reaching about $10,000 USD.

There is a great demand that persists in countries whose maritime activity is an important source of income; the most recognized are MSC (Switzerland), MAERSK (Denmark), CMA-CGM (France), Evergreen (Taiwan) and COSCO (China).

To conclude, it is important to highlight that, although all the careers that I have presented to you in this Top 7 are from international fields, only the one who studies it or who exercises it is the one who decides the direction that it will take.

However, travelers at heart will always look for the way to expand their horizons and these professions will serve as support. Let us know about other professions that have allowed you to travel and comment...

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