Never let a condition define who you are!

Freelancing for People with Disabilities

Do you wish to generate your own income, but feel that you don't have what it takes? This Freelancing for People with Disabilities guide will help you fulfill your potential!

In many moments throughout our lives, we have stopped ourselves from doing things that we really wanted to do because we were afraid, frozen by the fear of failure, the terror of what people might say or even afraid of success. For this reason, we tend to feel intimidated by those limitations that, most of the time, are only in our heads. In this particular occasion, we bring you this post called Freelancing for People with Disabilities, so that you can get rid, once and for all, of the excuses that keep you from the fulfillment of your goals and dreams. Do you dare to accept this challenge?

This post is not necessarily for one group of people. It is for anybody suffering from any condition that makes them feel that they are not able to work in a traditional company or on-site; this is your chance to demonstrate all the potential you have, overcoming all barriers which can stop you from enjoying what you do.

If you only take the risk in allowing yourself the opportunity to test your skills in this type of "non-traditional" job, you will be able to discover the universe of possibilities to make money that opens up before you. Don't waste it!

1.- Yes, I want to start! But how can I do that?

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To begin with, you should know that all people (yes, EVERYONE) has unique talents and abilities which stand out from others; some people are very good in the sciences, others are excellent in the development of projects, and many others have a special gift for the audiovisual side of things; among many other fields that exist to work.

At this point, I want to clarify that it is essential to discover what your best talent is... and take advantage of it! There are many tools that can help you develop yourself, such as courses or tutorials that you can find online and enroll in completely free of payments, as well as personalized instructors that you can hire.

On the other hand, the fact that we may not have the skills we would like to have in any activity that fascinates us doesn't mean that we can't learn to develop or improve them; we could even focus on another activity that we also enjoy and put all our efforts to excel thanks to this.

For example, I can admit that I really like to sing (although it has never worked out very well - I'm just not the next Adele, unfortunately), but I have never taken classes or looked for ways to develop or improve my skills and techniques. This means that it is not enough to have the intentions of being good at something; you have to make an effort and never stop practicing. Even the most renowned musicians in the world have to practice daily with their instruments. This is a fact.

2.- Adapt your skills to each freelance specialty

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Maybe it may seem a little tangled, but in our article Freelance Niches: How to Find Your Specialty (+List of Freelance Niches), we explain at length what the activities are that you can do on the different online entrepreneurship platforms.

In case you find it easy to communicate with other people, are persuasive and have a slightly extroverted personality - digital marketing, customer service or the teaching of a particular field may be of interest to you.

On the other hand, if you have always been curious about the operation of the different applications or software necessary to carry out a specific task, maybe your specialty is the web design, application development or programming area.

It does not matter if you have any auditory, visual or even motor condition which makes your daily tasks difficult or that you can't perform activities that make you feel productive, I have wonderful news: you are more than just a condition and it does not define you.

You, dear Wanderer, are a person who simply has to change the perspective and see the opportunity where others do not see it. Take advantage of your strengths and virtues, downplay your weaknesses and make money in the meantime!

3.- Too good to be true?

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So far I've talked about the exciting part of starting a career in the world of freelancing and the best way to decide how to do it. However, in our post about How To: Start a Freelance Career for Beginners you will find a more complete and detailed explanation of how to start.

In addition, in the article that I have just mentioned you will find tips on what you should and should not do to make yourself a place in this field of work, whose influence increasingly reaches far away corners and new activities.

You really have to open your mind a little and embrace these concepts that perhaps you have not heard of before, I promise you that it will be worth the effort.

If you do not think this is possible, I give you an easily verifiable example, the wonderful (and successful) British comedian Rosie Jones. Rosie has a condition known as cerebral palsy, but that has not stopped her from overcoming all the obstacles that have come her way to fulfill her dreams.

A key to success: enjoy what you do. The more you enjoy it, the better you will do it, and you will not see it as a job or something tedious that you "have to" do to earn money.

4.- Be constant and persistent

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This is the most important advice I can give you, seriously. Constancy and persistence always pay off, no matter what area of work you are developing.

All successful people have had failures at times, all have made bad decisions and, definitely, all have felt that they can’t do more at some point ... However, that precisely is what has differentiated them from others, who have been able to continue onwards despite everything.

Finally, and from a more practical point of view, I can assure you that although there are also other jobs that can be done, such as conducting surveys, viewing advertising videos or testing applications on your mobile phone, they won’t produce as much profit for you for the time invested as those indicated in the aforementioned article. Avoid these get-rich-quick schemes (you'll never be rich anyway) and get freelancing!

Never let the obstacles that life presents to you be greater than your willpower and your hunger for success.

Remember: Be courageous, because only within you is the strength necessary to achieve your goals, no matter how hard the road gets, because the harder it is, the greater the reward you will reap thanks to your effort.

And I guess that this how our post ends, but not before asking...

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