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Digital Nomad Travel Guide: Santorini, The Mythical Atlantis

Our fantastic Digital Nomad Travel Guide: Santorini - The Mythical Atlantis has arrived, so that you can discover this Greek pearl that has become so popular in recent years - at an affordable cost for Digital Nomads!

The mythical island of Atlantis has been featured in many stories of film, television, literature and even in comics and video games. It was mentioned for the first time by the famous Greek philosopher Plato in one of his stories, where he described it as an island with a powerful civilization that later remained under the depths of the ocean. Although the story of Plato is fictitious, many historians and scientists defend the theory that the place described actually existed, and that it was found in the area that today occupies the island of Santorini.

Interesting, no? 


This is one of the most romantic places to have a date with your partner... (Source: Pixabay)

Santorini, A Blue and White Paradise

Reality or not, the truth is that Santorini is an earthly paradise of different blue and white shades like the sky and the sea; its picturesque villages also bathed in white and blue houses. Therefore, my dear traveler friend, if you want to visit this wonderful place either attracted by its mythical origin or simply by its enchanting beauty, then don’t miss this guide that I have prepared for you, where you will learn of the best options for accommodation, as well as the most delicious meals that you can taste in this heavenly place. So now you know, my fellow Digital Nomad, if Santorini is in your list of upcoming destinations you must have this guide ready and bookmarked on your laptop.

Santorini Accommodation

In this majestic place you will be as stress-free as this cat. (Source: Pixabay)

Santorini is the favorite destination of thousands of tourists from around the world, and that is simply because this place is ideal if you want to have a romantic getaway with your partner, spend a fun vacation with your group of friends or simply satisfy your passion as a digital nomad of discovering new places.

Depending on the plans you have for your visit to Santorini, there are different accommodation options that can perfectly fit with your activities. These are:


This is an excellent option if you want to enjoy your stay with your family or with a group of friends independently. You can cook if you wish and prepare delicious meals with little money, but only if you are willing to waste a little time (which you could spend on leisure and sightseeing) doing this tedious task. Also, if you and your companions do not want to deal with other tenants, this election will be the ideal choice for you. In addition, the lodging is economic in comparison to other types of establishments, since you can get apartments from approximately $40 USD per night.


Accommodation in a hostel is the cheapest choice you can find, fellow digital nomad, so if you are someone who is always carrying a backpack everywhere and waiting for an adventure, then you'll surely be looking for options that affect your pocket the least. Honestly, this is definitely your best alternative to stay during your visit to Santorini. You can find prices around $30 USD per night and even a little below this, and their facilities will usually be located in places of interest (or at least very, very close to them).


Campsites are nice places in which you can get in touch with nature. They are characterized by being very spacious, which is why the variety of campsites on the island is very limited due to the limited expanse of land.  

The two main campsite options in Santorini are: the Santorini Camping Bungalows located in the town of Fira, which is the indicated campsite if you want to meet people and be close to the nightlife; the other site is located in the beach of Perissa Village. This last option is a much more relaxed place with access to the harbor; both options have facilities in the best conditions with complete services for your comfort. You can find lodging prices in campsites from ≈ $60 USD per night.

Bed and Breakfasts (B&B) 

A B&B will be the appropriate accommodation for you if you are looking for different accommodation to what a traditional hotel usually provides. 

Bed and Breakfast accommodations consist of a traditional house, usually located in a tourist area with a pool and spectacular views. In this type of lodging, there is a chance that your room will be in an independent house or you will have to share your common areas with other people; everything is going to depend on the B&B in which you decide to stay. In these places, as its name indicates, you can have a bed and a good traditional Greek breakfast. B&B prices start at $30 USD per night.


There are a lot of hotels in Santorini - we have hotels that include a view of the Caldera, ideal for romantic nights with your partner by candlelight, drinking a good wine without having to leave the hotel. There are also hotels that do not have a view of the Caldera; these will be a perfect fit for you if on the contrary, you are looking to explore the different places that the island of Santorini has to offer you.

The price of the hotel in which you choose to stay will depend mainly of the season in which you decide to go to Santorini, because even the 5 star luxury hotels can present low prices in low season. If you are planning to visit Santorini in high season, the best tip is to make your reservation in advance if you want to spend the least amount of money possible during your stay on the island.

Below, I will show you a list of 15 suggested hotels based on their quality and price where you can stay to fully enjoy your adventure in this Greek paradise:

(*): The price rank can change depending on the time you decide to visit the island.

What to eat in Santorini?

(Source: Pixabay)

One of my favorite activities when I’m visiting a new place is the discovery of new flavors that leads me to explore their gastronomy. If this is also one of your habits, I assure you that the dishes you will taste in Santorini will be an adventure for your palate. In the following section, I will show you the best meals, desserts and drinks which you can enjoy during your trip on the island.

7 Delicious foods that you must try during your visit to Santorini

1. Gyros

Consisting of roasted meat wrapped in pita or sandwich bread, vegetables (commonly onion and tomato) and French fries all dipped in tzatziki sauce. In particular, I love this Greek sauce (made of Greek yogurt) because it is pretty delicious. Believe me, when you try one of these gyros you will feel like an Olympian God, because this is a delicacy proper of the deities themselves. If you need another reason for which you shouldn't miss out on eating this juicy sandwich during your visit to Santorini - it is also very affordable among the list of foods you can find here, since you can eat one for only $3 USD approximately.

2. Moussaka

Tell me if you do not find it a delight to savor a bite made with juicy pieces of lamb meat distributed in multiple layers with slices of eggplant, tomato and bechamel sauce. If your mouth is watering like mine by just thinking about it, then the Moussaka will delight you.

3. Greek salad

Waiter, bring me three more of these, please! (Source: Pixabay)

If you are not a lover of meat and prefer to eat something fresh and light, the Greek salad is made for you. This dish combines typical ingredients of this country among which are; tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, capers, feta cheese and kalamata olives seasoned with salt, black pepper and olive oil. The typical freshness of these ingredients in Greece makes the dish a complete delicacy.

4. Santorini salad

This is another divine dish that you should try during your visit to the island if you are a lover of salads like me. This salad is simple but full of flavor; native from the island of Santorini, it was baptized in this way in the restaurant of Pirouni on the village of Thira. I promise you will love the freshness of its ingredients whose protagonist is the delicious feta cheese.

5. Stuffed vegetables

Sensational is the word that describes this dish consisting of vegetables that are usually zucchini, tomato and green pepper filled with rice and other vegetables. This dish is usually accompanied by French fries and tomato sauce. You'll love it.

6. Dolmades

A very traditional dish in Greece, consisting of grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, meat, onion, pine nuts and different spices that is usually served with a Greek yogurt sauce, this dish is simple and exquisite; it is also one of the famous gastronomic specialties of the island.

7. Fish and seafood

If you like seafood in Santorini you will find a great variety of exquisite recipes that include fish and seafood as main ingredients. These dishes have a delicious flavor characteristic of their freshness because they are prepared at almost the same moment they’re taken from the sea. The wide variety in this type of meals is typical on any island and Santorini is not the exception.

4 Tasty desserts that you should try in Santorini

1. Loukoumades

These are divine balls of puff pastry with honey or syrup and cinnamon.

2. Baklavas

(Source: Pixabay)

A delicious puff pastry cake with pieces of almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts with honey and vanilla.

3. Moustalevriá

A yummy pudding made with grape must and flour.

4. Kourabiédes

Exquisite Greek butter biscuit made with almonds and ouzo liqueur.

Drinks in Santorini

Let us be a little happier... (Source: Pixabay)

If you are willing to treat yourself to a luxury or two, and accompany your food in the best way, I recommend that you try the Vin Santo. The sweetness of this famous white wine from the island will be the perfect complement.

If you want something stronger then you can have a drink of Raki or Ouzo; both are traditional anise liquors from Greece. But be careful if you decide to take any of them, my friend, because they are quite strong.

For those addicted to coffee, the coffee that is served on the island is a must-try. This is the typical coffee made in Turkish style - very strong and sweet. This flavor is the perfect mix to begin your day and any adventure.

What to do in Santorini?

With all the things to do in this destination, it would have been easier and to describe "what not to do in Santorini". (Source: Pixabay)

From a simple walk through their villages of white houses and blue roofs to swim on a red beach, there are a lot of activities that can turn your experience into something extraordinary. So don’t ask anymore, I'll show you a varied range of things you can do during your stay in Santorini.

Visit archaeological sites

If you came to Santorini intrigued by the idea that this archipelago is possibly the mythical Atlantis of Plato, then you will be fascinated by the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri.

In this place, you can see the remains of the ancient civilization that lived on the island during the Bronze Age up close. These range from small houses to ceramic vessels, all in excellent condition because it was covered by a volcanic eruption dating from the middle of the second millennium BC. You can also find other interesting archaeological sites scattered among the villages of Arhea Thira, Profitis Elias, Pyrgos, Thermi and Vlihada.

Swim in the exotic beaches of the island

In Santorini, you will find many unconventional beaches. Most importantly, however, are the ones with red and black sand: yes, you're reading correctly my friend, here you can see beaches with red and black sand.

The red beach of Santorini is a visual spectacle, and the contrast between the huge red hill that surrounds the beach, the sand of the same color and the blue sea is spectacular. However, the way to the beach is a little complicated. This is why people usually just take a look and leave. But if you're somebody who likes adventure, it will be worth the 10 minute walk.

The beaches of Kamari and Perissa are the most famous black sand beaches of the island; the color is the product of its volcanic formation. Both beaches have the best infrastructure compared to the rest with excellent restaurants, bars and services to the beach. In these areas, there is very lively nightlife.

Take a tour in the town of Fira

The beauty of this wonderful town - from its white houses with blue doors and windows to its beautiful people - are great reasons to take a long journey to each of its corners.

Take a walk around the town of Fira: I assure you it will be a fabulous experience not only for its captivating environment but also because you can do entertaining things like shop and collect a large number of handmade products (jewelry, fabrics and ceramics) for an affordable price, to keep a nice memory from your visit.

You can also watch an impressive sunset here, as the town has a privileged view that includes a panoramic view of the sea and the submerged volcano of the island; this because it is located on the edge of a cliff with a height of more than 250 meters. After enjoying the sunset, you can stay and spend an entertaining night, considering that Fira is characterized by having a fun nightlife with its great diversity of clubs, restaurants and bars. Be sure of something - you will not regret it.

Thalassotherapy, spas and massages

Many people come to this paradise with the aim of relaxing and finding an escape to their daily lives. If you are in this group, then you cannot stop yourself from undergoing one of these special treatments that will allow you to relax and forget the world for a while.

Most of the hotels that are located on the island of Santorini, including some of those that I suggested as an accommodation option previously, have spas that offer these special treatments, among which are thalassotherapy, aromatherapy massage, steam bath, saunas, among many others you should try.

Tips to make the most of your visit to Santorini

(Source: Pixabay)

To end this essential, in-depth guide about the island of Santorini, I'll give you several tips that you should consider if you want to make the most of your trip to this lovely island.

1. Travel to the island of Santorini between the months of April and October

It is precisely around this time when there is better weather on the island, although if you don’t want to meet many tourists and are willing to avoid going to the beach, then it’s preferable you travel outside this season.

2. Reserve your accommodation in advance

This is a piece of advice I told you before, but it is never wrong to remind you again, because if you make the mistake of not booking before time, you're going to have to pay an arm and a leg (and most likely for the worst place that nobody else wanted).

3. If you do not like crowds much, stay out of Oia

I know that among the places I recommended to stay some are located in the town of Oia, but if you are not a lover of the tourist crowds stay far from this place - especially if you decide to visit the island in high season. There are other options located in different towns of Santorini such as Fira or Imerovigli, which are much more relaxed and just as great and will suit you better.

4. If you want to move freely rent a motorcycle, car or quad

Personally, I love the option of touring the island on quad. To me, it is a very funny idea, but if you decide to do it this you got to have caution and take your respective protection to avoid any accidents. If you choose the option of renting a motorcycle, then you have to carry your motorcycle license; the final option, if you do not mind spending money, is taking a taxi and going anywhere.

If you are looking for a cheaper option then you should give up your freedom to move on the island, since the cheapest option is to use public transport, which has a central station in the town of Fira.

5. I recommend you get to the island by plane

It is the fastest and easiest way to get there, although if you like the idea of sailing the Aegean Sea and do not mind taking a little longer to get there, then you can use any of the ferries that make regular trips to Santorini.

6. Explore the villages in the morning

This way you will avoid the cluster of tourists that arrive at the towns located in the vicinity of the ports such as Oia or Fira, because regularly at this time is when people leave the boats for a walk.

So, my fellow Digital Nomad friend, my final wish is that this guide can be useful for your trip to Santorini or at least serve as a good incentive to visit this incredible place.

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