It is totally worth traveling as a Digital Nomad to the other side of the world to discover this Australian city!

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Digital Nomad Travel Guide: Melbourne, The Marvellous City

Ever wanted to explore Australia as a Digital Nomad? In this Digital Nomad Travel Guide: Melbourne, The Marvellous City, you'll find everything you need to know and more!

It topped the list of the "Best Cities in the World to Live In" for 7 consecutive years until 2017; thanks to the high quality of life that it gives to its people. It was superseded in 2018 by the city of Vienna, pushing this extraordinary city to a respectable second place. Despite this, it remains one of the favorite places for the citizens of the world not only to establish themselves, but also as a tourist destination par excellence.

Nightlife in Melbourne looks really tempting, huh? (Source: Pixabay)

Melbourne, the Hipster Heart of Australia

Streets coated with graffiti, shops selling quirky items, musical expressions at every step, a variety of cafes to satisfy the taste for coffee of the vast majority of its population; This, among many other things, makes this Australian city a sweet snack for the hipster community.

So, Wanderer, if you belong to the hipster urban tribe or you are simply looking for a super cool destination to visit, then you will love this place. If you are still not very convinced, then I'm about to provide you with a guide for travelers that includes everything from activities you can do to the necessary tips to enjoying your stay in Melbourne.

I'm sure of one thing; this will get you out of doubts.

Where Can You Stay in Melbourne?

The answer to this question is very important if you decide to travel to this place; ’cause depending on the area of Melbourne in which you choose to stay, your experience may be totally different.

Stay wherever you want... but don't turn your back on this beautiful view, please! (Source: Pixabay)

Best Areas to Stay in Melbourne

Each area of Melbourne has a wide variety of hotels and attractions. However, this city is not only one of the largest and most important in Australia but also one of the most expensive places to stay. I don’t want to scare you with this last fact; you can also find cheaper alternatives if your budget is too tight. You'll see, soon.

My recommendation is that you have the most money possible for this trip; because the adventure that you will experience in this city will be one of those that you only experience once in your life. Therefore, it will worth every penny.

1. Melbourne CBD (Central Business District)

The Central Business District is the center of the city, which is why it is the best place to stay. It's noisy, full of people and skyscrapers; it will be ideal for you if you are a fan of The Big Apple.

Here you will be close to the main tourist attractions of Melbourne besides a lot of restaurants and cafes. You can also enjoy free transport since there are free trams available for residents and tourists. The only detail is that it is the most expensive place to sleep in the city; the lowest prices are in the order of $100 USD per night.

Recommended accommodation in CBD

(*): The price range may change depending on the time you decide to travel to Melbourne.

2. South Bank

On the contrary, if you are looking for a quiet place to stay, this beautiful suburb will be perfect for you. 

Located on the southwestern border of the Melbourne CBD, just across from the Yarra River; South Bank is another of the cultural attractions of Melbourne because there are several art galleries including the Australian Center for Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of Victoria. It also houses the tallest building of the city (Eureka Tower), shops of globally recognized brands, restaurants of prestigious chains, bars and casinos.

Although if your budget is low, I regret to say that the accommodation in this area is expensive; the cheapest lodging costs hover around $200 USD per night.

Recommended accommodation in South Bank

(*): The price range may change depending on the time you decide to travel to Melbourne.

3. Docklands

Docklands is another excellent option to stay in Melbourne; with a beautiful marina in front of the famous Etihad Stadium (special for sports lovers), shops, restaurants, and several clubs to enjoy the nightlife. You can also move in this place with ease, either by taking a tram to the center of the city or you can also go on foot and become one with the surroundings of this incredible fruit of modern architecture.

The only thing is that, like the options shown above, the accommodation in Docklands is not cheap; you can find accommodation from $100 USD approximately.

Recommended accommodation in Docklands

(*): The price range may change depending on the time you decide to travel to Melbourne.

4. East Melbourne

East Melbourne is a central area full of old buildings and beautiful gardens whose origins will take you straight to the Victorian era; with tourist sites such as the oldest house in Australia (Cook's Cottage), St. Patrick's Cathedral and Yarra Park. Important government establishments are also located, among them the Victoria Parliament.

It’s a quiet area with places to shop, eat, drink and have fun. The best part of staying in East Melbourne is that you will not have to spend much, being one of the cheapest places to sleep in the city.

Recommended accommodation in East Melbourne

(*): The average price may change depending on the time you decide to travel to Melbourne.

5. Carlton

Another cheap option to stay is the residential area of Carlton, located north of CBD. It’s one of the recognized neighborhoods of the city, noted for its wide variety of sites arranged for nightly entertainment. The latter is due to the fact that a large part of the university community of Melbourne lives here. If you are a young spirit who loves parties, you will love Carlton.

Recommended accommodation in Carlton

(*): The average price may change depending on the time you decide to travel to Melbourne.

6. St. Kilda

An area close to the beach, so if you want to spend a vacation enjoying the sun, sea and Australian sand, then you're going to have to pack your bikini and stay in any of its hotels facing the sea; if you are looking for a cheaper option, there are several hostels a little further away that will not affect the balance in your pocket.

Recommended accommodation in St. Kilda

(*): The price range may change depending on the time you decide to travel to Melbourne.

Where to Go and What to Eat in Melbourne?

The gastronomy in Melbourne is like any other cosmopolitan city, a complete jungle of flavors. I assure you that eating in Melbourne will be anything but boring.

Cool Places to Eat in Melbourne

Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere, nice people... what more could you want? (Source: Pixabay)


This small Asian food place hidden in Carlton is a real treasure. The specialty of this site are the famous baos (meat or veggie filled bread rolls). If you like pork, I recommend trying "Char siu bao" and "Da pork bao"; the first with pork filling dipped in Chinese sauce and the second in BBQ sauce.

If you do not like baos, you can order some delicious chicken popcorn accompanied with sweet potato chips. The best thing about this place is the cheap food; you will find dishes that cost less than $3 USD.

Naked for Satan

This bar peculiar named is located in the Fitzroy area, its specialty is Spanish pintxos and Russian vodka. It has a nice retro decor with walls full of female nudes that live up to its name.

The pintxos are succulent and cheap, you can eat one for the comfortable price of $1 USD. It has a rooftop with an extraordinary view of the Melbourne skyline; the perfect environment to enjoy an exquisite dinner while you have a good drink.

Smith and Deli

Smith and Deli is a little piece of heaven on earth for vegans, also located in the town of Fitzroy. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to try one of its incredible dishes that include a variety of ingredients such as; meats, pastrami, salami, sausages, cheeses, among other delicacies. Don’t be scared with this last inclusion, because all the ingredients mentioned above are 100% vegan, and according to its users, much better than their original versions. Great!  

I recommend you order a couple of their tasty sandwiches and have a picnic in one of the parks that are near the place. The only problem is that it's not a very cheap place, but worth it if you are a lover of this type of food. 

Chin Chin

Chin Chin is one of the fashion sites located in the Melbourne CBD. What makes this Thai food restaurant so cool is that here you can have a stimulating experience for all your senses. You will not only enjoy an appetizing meal but also its fascinating musical environment provided by the best DJs in the area.

However, the prices are a little high, ’cause it’s one of the most valued places to eat from the city. The cost is approximately $70 USD per person.

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is a typical Melbourne café with basic but cozy decor and friendly staff. Is an excellent option to start the day or spend the afternoon between friends eating desserts and drinking a good coffee. If you arrive at lunchtime, they also have good options on their menu to eat.

Seven Seeds is not one of the cheapest places, but if you are a coffee addict, you must have it on your list of places to visit during your trip to this city.

6 Extravagant Meals You Should Try in Melbourne

Let's play guessing what's on your plate, it will be great! (Source: Pixabay)

1. Crocodile meat

Yes, just as you are reading! Crocodile meat. 

This is one of the typical delicacies of Australian food, therefore, in Melbourne you can taste this exotic dish. Its flavor is not comparable with any other type of meat; it is white, nutritious and low in fat.

2. Witchetty Grubs

Oh, come on! Don’t make that face.

Contrary to what I know you’re thinking, Witchetty grubs are delicious. Since ancient times, they are an important part of the diet of Australian aborigines. Its flavor is very similar to that of almonds.

3. Kangaroo meat

Amazing, right? Kangaroo meat is one of the main ingredients in Australian grills.

As in the case of crocodile meat, a kangaroo fillet is low in fat and high in protein. It’s a tender type of meat with a strong characteristic flavor. Its excellent properties for health (anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, among others) have made it a quality export product.

4. Chiko Roll

An Australian version of the famous Chinese spring rolls.

It is a tasty sandwich quick to digest ideal to eat while you’re walking on the streets of Melbourne. This other version doesn’t have the traditional chicken pieces; instead, the fried puff rolls are only filled with vegetables.

5. Beetroot Hamburgers

A piece of beetroot on the burger is as Australian as the kangaroo.

Australians love beetroots and to add an Aussie touch to most of their dishes. So that’s why since 1950, they added beet as a new ingredient of the traditional hamburger. This change became so popular, that the famous chain McDonald's included beetroots in the menu of its stores located in this country.

6. Emu Meat

Emu meat is one of the healthiest, so if you are on a diet, you can’t be missing it from your meal list during your visit to Melbourne.

The emu is a bird native of Australia; its meat is lean with a high content of iron (almost triple that of beef) and has a low cholesterol level, which makes it a quality food. You can eat it grilled, like hamburger meat, pizza topping or even cold.

6 Tasty Desserts From Melbourne That You Should Try

This dessert is as magical as the moves of the Russian Ballerina to whom it owes its name (Source: Pixabay)

1. Lamington

Spongy square sponge cake coated with chocolate and grated coconut, usually accompanied with strawberry or cream jam.

2. Tim Tam

Delicious stuffed and chocolate covered cookie, famous for the "Tim Tam Slam" practice, that consists of biting its ends and then submerging it in coffee with milk. 

3. Iced VoVo

Divine wheat crackers with raspberry jam, fondant strips and coconut on top.

4. Milo

Sweet drinks of chocolate powder diluted in water or milk, can be cold or hot. 

5. Pavlova

A tasty meringue cake with a crunchy cover decorated with red fruits and creamy interior.

6. Cherry Ripe Bar

Exquisite chocolate bar, made of coconut and cherries covered with dark chocolate.

What to Do in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a place where is not so hard to find something to do, in fact, there are endless activities that you can do during your stay in this splendid place.

Luckily, there are plenty of activities to choose from... (Source: Pixabay)

Go to Fitzroy, the most hipster neighborhood in the city

In Fitzroy, you can buy a quirky article from the famous Third Drawer Down store (for example, a ridiculous anti-stress swan) and keep it as a very original memory from this city. You can also visit their eccentric and fun bars during the happy hour that usually starts at 5:00 o’clock to have a couple of free drinks. 

Get on the Melbourne Star

With over 120 meters of height, you will be able to appreciate inside this Ferris wheel an exceptional view of the city.

Visit and leave your mark on one of the famous laneways of the city

Hosier Lane, Center Place, Hardware Lane and Degraves Street are Melbourne's most famous laneways full of street art. Some of them have authorized spaces so the visitors can also leave their signature. 

Stroll in a horse-drawn carriage

If you want to travel in time and walk the streets of Melbourne in a horse-drawn carriage. It is possible, but only if you have enough money because this activity is a bit expensive.

If you are a lover of Chinese food, go to Chinatown

I know, I already recommended you several great places to eat; but you can’t miss the Chinatown of Melbourne. I warn you it will be difficult to decide on a place to eat here, due to its wide variety of restaurants.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit to Melbourne

"Marvel Stadium"? If I go in there... would I come out as a superhero? (Source: Pixabay)

1. Travel to Melbourne in summer

This is the best time to visit the city and is located between the months of November and December.

2. Don’t rent a car in the city

In the streets of Melbourne there is usually quite a lot of traffic - in most of its parking lots you have to pay an expensive price, and traffic regulations are not very respected, so driving for a tourist in this city can be dangerous.

3. If your budget is tight don’t eat at hotels

Avoid eating in the food stores located in hotels, since they are the ones that handle the most expensive prices.

4. Don’t leave the flags while you’re bathing on the beach 

Stay between the flags when you bathe on the beach so that lifeguards can see you in case of an emergency.

5. Don’t stay too long in the city

The weather of the city of Melbourne affects the majority of foreigners who travel to this place, due to this it is recommended that your visit time doesn’t exceed 5 days.

And now we finish off this guide of Melbourne that I prepared exclusively for you. I hope I've successfully convinced you to add this fabulous place to your travel list. Before you go:

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