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Couchsurfing? 7 Amazing Facts About This New Trend

Traveling without paying for accommodation? Check. Meeting new people? Check. Couchsurfing - 7 Amazing Facts About This New Trend on Check!

Among travelers from all over the world, there is a practice that has become a trend in recent years, acquiring massive popularity, mainly thanks to globalization; it is known as Couchsurfing, and you won't want to miss what it is all about.

The practice of this activity lately has been helping many adventurers to travel around the globe by significantly reducing their expenses and to explore destinations in a whole new way; as well as making friends and living new experiences by opening the doors of their homes to other citizens of the world.

Hereunder you will find an explanation of what is Couchsurfing, and I will tell you 7 interesting facts about this new trend which will help you to discover what I am referring to, as well as some of its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin!

What is Couchsurfing?

To keep it short, Couchsurfing is about staying in other people's homes without paying a penny in accommodation while you travel. Of course, it implies the maturity and seriousness to respect the rules of the mutual agreement by both parties.

In this sense, its name could lead you to think that it would be something like “staying asleep on the furniture of several guests during your trip”, although it is not always so literal.

Despite its name and what it may suggest, this activity also includes the hosts, who relinquish their personal space to accommodate visitors who have common interests with them and show an appropriate attitude.

7 Interesting Facts about Couchsurfing

1. Low Cost

One of the most attracting points which drive adventurers to start or practice couchsurfing is the amount of money that they can save by not paying accommodation, being of special interest to backpackers and people who travel on a short budget.

2. More Local Experience

When you stay with a local you can have a more familiar and close feeling to what the inhabitants experience every day, getting to know every nook and cranny of the culture that you otherwise just couldn’t, instead of staying in a more impersonal and distant place, such as a hotel (no offense with those who prefer hotels, though).

3. Personal Exchange

If you have the opportunity of spending your stay in the home of a native, or hosting a foreign visitor in your home, you can get to establish nice bonds with that person, not only knowing part of her/his experiences and personality but part of his/her culture and the identity of her/his land.

4. Evolution

Couchsurfing allows you, among many other things, to get to know more about yourself, learn how to connect with others, explore tourist and not-so-tourist destinations, relate to a wide variety of people and appreciate what you have in your life, in other words, evolve.

5. Dark Side

Since not everything can be perfect, I must tell you that this activity also has its dark side and which you have to be aware of, it's about people who are not who they say they are and may have bad intentions when they offer themselves as hosts or couchsurfers.

For this reason, you will also should to research well about the person who is going to be so close to you for a while and always trust your intuition.

6. Platforms

As many processes nowadays are carried out through the internet, couchsurfing counts on free platforms which help to carry out this exchange between people, where you can offer a space in your home or ask someone for a place in his/hers, always under certain conditions.

Try out as a means to discover more of this wonderful trend that is bringing a new dimension to travel. They also have an app, by the way!

7. Purpose

Although during this exchange it is not mandatory to establish an excellent relationship with your visitor or host, the main purpose of this activity is to meet people and create bonds, to expand our thinking, make the world a smaller place and realize how much we have in common despite our differences.

After having explained what is Couchsurfing and told you 7 interesting facts about this new trend, I can assure you that this experience will change your way of living journeys.

Moreover, if you start to practice this popular activity you can have friends from all over the world, you put the conditions of how you want to live your adventure: if as a guest or host. Now it's your turn to tell us...

Have you ever practiced couchsurfing?

Would you dare to stay and share with a stranger?

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