This year, we're going to blow you away with what we've got planned.

Begin Wandering: Important News and Upcoming Projects for 2019

2019 is upon us. At Begin Wandering we have plenty of great projects coming up to continue helping you make money and travel the world! Look inside to see how we're gonna bring you success this year!

Hello Wanderers! Anthony and Maria here. We started this website in late 2018, as you may know, and - so far - it has had the reception we expected. Freelance and Digital Nomad enthusiasts have already checked out the site and shown their approval, and we've helped quite a few initiates get into the online moneymaking, business and travel life.

But it's never enough for us.

We know we can help more people with the use of more useful, easy-to-use and accessible resources, and there's definitely a lot still to do to help provide solutions to unhappy, unsatisfied people of all ages who have grown tired of the 9-5, office space, do-whatever-your-boss-says existence. This is why we have already begun the production of the next level of Begin Wandering's learning material.

Phase 2 of Begin Wandering has commenced.

So let's get to it, Wanderers - it's time for you to know just what exactly we want to bring you this year.

Bigger, Better Blog Posts

Until now, we've brought you large guides on attracting the best freelance clients for your new career, starting a freelance career, selecting a specialty to offer your services in, getting a U.S. business visa so that you can become an international entrepreneuras well as how to survive a crisis unscathed and come out as a victor... but many of these articles have been overshadowed by travel lists and a lot of viral content. We know this, and we're going to refocus our efforts to ensure that you receive only the best and most useful content whenever you check out our site.

This year we're bringing you incredible blog posts and a bunch of new series, built for helping normal people - in any branch or industry - become the next biggest Freelancers and Digital Nomads. This is just a taste of what's coming in 2019:

- How To: Get a Schengen Visa

- Freelance Challenge - EASY, MEDIUM, HARD & EXTREME MODES - How to Make $500, $1200, $2500 and $5000 USD Monthly

- How To: Become a Digital Nomad and Never Settle Down Again

- Our first Begin Wandering Blog Series: 5 Ways to Make Money for X Specialties, including Engineers, Health Professionals, Chefs, Accountants, Teachers and more!

- True Travel Horror Stories Volumes 1, 2 & 3!

- and introducing a whole new series of Travel Guides for Digital Nomads and Wanderers, including Nomad Hubs and places you never would have ever imagined!

So stay tuned and subscribe to our blog - 2019 is only gonna be another year of growth and success for bW!

+ Social Media + Video!

This year we've managed to amass over 8,000 followers on Instagram, but we haven't exactly done much on our Facebook or Twitter, which is why we're already preparing new content for you to check out on our accounts across the web, so that you can keep yourself informed and updated all day, every day!

As for video - this year is our year in terms of taking you to the next level of online moneymaking, where we will provide you with Tutorials, Vlogs, Travel Videos and Podcasts so that you can keep closing on that goal of becoming a Freelancer or Digital Nomad!

Our Online Academy

This is a massive announcement that we haven't actually unveiled:

We have set up an online academy for you on Facebook (link), with the intention of teaching you to become a Digital Nomad or Freelancer, accompanying you all the way to that goal with important posts and resources that you won't find in any other of our social media accounts. Join today and start learning, or post your own questions and information. We want the group to grow, so that our community can be everywhere! A Wanderer World awaits!

Before we say goodbye and start working...

We love feedback, and feedback is what has allowed us to get this far, so we want you to be in contact with us whenever you wish to! Feel free to message us on our Facebook or Instagram and tell us what you want to see or learn - we'll happily feature you and make sure you get the answers that you need.

Thank you for following us and reading our content, guys. This year is gonna be HUGE. Just wait for it.

Will 2019 be as big for you as it will for us?

Are you gonna be at our side as we take Begin Wandering to the next level?




Anthony M.

Founder, Head Content Creator. Chemical Engineer. Entrepreneur. Instructor. Writer. Traveler. Once a cog in the traditional workforce machine, I decided to stake my claim in the freelancing business and haven’t looked back since. Working remotely is the first step to freedom, bringing you the ability to call your own shots and organize your own time. Now, however... I'm going to teach you how.

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