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Is making money online worth your time or is it just too good to be true? We find out in this very first post on!

Hello reader, welcome to My name is Anthony, and I want to help you make money online the hard way. Wait... the "hard" way?

Yes, you read that right. There are already enough people out there telling you they’ll help you make a million dollars in three months or that they’ve found the secret “hack” to social media that will get you hundreds of thousands of followers the easy way. I’m sure you’ve heard those claims before, and have maybe even handed them your email or money in hopes that they could change your situation.

But you guessed it… they were lying.

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Even the best of them had to start from the bottom, working hard on catching the attention of their followers through video, blog posts, podcasts and more, to even dare scratch the surface of what we know of as “success”. None of the best YouTubers reached the top 10 overnight with one video, nor did any of the Instagram celebrities we follow on our feed. All of them had to work hard on what they did, consistently pushing themselves further up the ladder until they got what they wanted.

That is what I want to help you with. Not “hacking the system”, because that’s for chumps. I want to show you how to make your own luck. You’re not going to regret having come onto this website; let’s just say I have a feeling that you’re even going to walk away a better person.

Your goal and knowing why you want it so bad

Here’s an exercise: I want you to project yourself in time – three years ahead in fact. Think about where you are today, and then think about what you would change in the following 1095 days.

Would you be a happier person or are you already content with everything? Are you making more income after that period, or is everything going well currently? What about your enterprises? Has there ever been a business idea you once had in mind and never executed? Would you want it up and running by the time these next three years have passed? What about a famous travel destination you’ve always wished you could visit?

I ask you these questions because it was practically three years ago in June when I decided to reinvent myself.

I sat, unemployed and unhappy, at home with just my favorite books and TV series to pass the time. At the age of 25, I was studying something I didn’t enjoy, and I felt the growing pressure of my most potentially productive years passing me by with little more than a whimper. Life didn’t look promising at all.

But it wasn’t until my last source of income disappeared – the money I made working with my dad every now and then – that I truly saw myself standing on the edge of the abyss. I was suddenly not only unemployed and unhappy, but also on the verge of running out of what little money I had. I even depended on my partner at the time to ensure I could eat a decent lunch!

Taking a deep breath and giving a long look at my life while I attempted to pick up the pieces, I recalled that I could still teach English to Spanish-speaking students the traditional way. Sure, it did go okay for a time, but I realized that it was neither stable nor fulfilling work, and it wouldn’t put me fully back on my feet. I needed to start making real money.

I approached a friend one day when things were looking ugly and I barely had enough money to get through the week – she also taught English to Spanish students – and suggested that we start an English-teaching business together. Maybe even an institute, I suggested.

I’ll never forget what she revealed to me next.

Freelancing and the First Step into Online Moneymaking

“I don’t really have time for that,” my friend said, and my smile faded. But she wasn’t done yet: “Have you ever heard of freelancing? Hey, maybe I’ll teach you and you can improve your situation.”

And so we began, for the next six or seven days; it didn’t look easy, but it was certainly straightforward enough in the end. I decided to tap in to a talent I hadn’t used for years, despite my voracious hunger for reading: my love for writing.

“Anthony M.,” my freelance profile read, “Experienced Writer and English-Spanish Translator.” It was true, though it hid my uncertainty and fears quite well. I couldn’t believe that I was actually trying to make money from home, especially in such a way. The idea that I could make more money on my computer than on somebody else’s at an office seemed quite absurd, and I began to send proposals for jobs without believing it would go anywhere.

“These big shots will never hire somebody like me,” I thought. “Some guy without any work history, who doesn’t even have a professional profile picture like the rest of them.”

It took me a week to land my first job.

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“Write a children’s book on a popular video game,” the young man – a guy about my age, who was making thousands of dollars on eBook sales – said. “But try to deliver it in seven days, or I’ll have to reconsider.”

What happened next? Let’s just say I did what he asked, and I ended up becoming the best writer he ever had. We wrote twenty-two books together, and both his reviews and sales soared after we began our business relationship.

It was just the beginning for me, however. I was about to carve out a career in freelance writing that would take me to new heights.

What Begin Wandering Can and Will Do For You

Enough about me for now: are you done with what I asked you to do, projecting yourself? Have you seen anything in my story that you feel identified with right now? My story is quite a common one when it comes to young men and women – we’re built to believe that life is about graduating at a young age; finding a job at some office and working there for eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week; finding a partner and starting a family while traveling once a year, if at all… We simply don’t get much of a choice in what decisions we make until we’re much older.

People like us, however, don’t follow this system. We’re the rebels.

When you looked into the future did you imagine yourself making a fortune? Did you see yourself with thousands of followers, all of them in love with your content and sharing your videos and posts all over the net? Did you travel to a time when you have a fast car, a lovely spouse and a beautiful, furry dog in your huge back yard? Do you have the desire of visiting ten or twenty countries per year?

Would you believe me when I say that there’s nothing stopping you from getting any of that? Since starting my freelancing career, I have joined webinars, learned from the best publishers, studied marketing courses and taken part in tutorials. I have ghostwritten over fifty books, written for several blogs, managed social media accounts and amazed even experienced writers with my work. I have read hundreds of resources on freelancing and boosted several company’s sales, and I must tell you right now – it was all because I decided to reinvent myself and start over, away from traditional work.

And I welcome you to join me in doing the same, as a user of our website. has been made to give you the chance to achieve all of that. I started on this road thanks to my freelancing friend who taught me and the beautiful people I’ve met along the way, but not everybody has the same luck. We on bW want to be that helping hand for those young and not-so-young entrepreneurs and free spirits that want to choose this new road.

Whether you wish to find a tutorial on how to grow your social media engagement and boost your follower count; start a business and create the best marketing campaign available for your industry; find a consulting solution to what your online business needs to achieve the next level; or perhaps you want to embark on the life of the digital nomad and start making money as you travel across the world in an once-in-a-lifetime adventure… Begin Wandering has the tools for you.

We are a next generation start-up, aimed at teaching users of all ages the most efficient methods, procedures, tips and tricks to making money online, starting a business and fulfilling their traveling dreams in the most amazing way. Through the use of tutorials, courses, video material and books, we hope to spread our reach across the world and provide services in consulting to anyone who may need it.

Along with myself will be Maria, my co-founder, as well as a specialized team of experienced designers, publishers and marketing professionals who will provide a powerful educational experience to anybody interested in learning how to succeed on the Internet. We have seen the challenge, and we are ready to face it and any other that may rear its head later on.


In Conclusion

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This isn’t even about selling you a product. Our goal here is to spread the word – freelancing and online business are the future of entrepreneurship.

Begin Wandering has arrived, and it is here to stay. Come and grow with us, and let us help you make your wishes come true.

What did you see your life like in three years? How do you want to get there? I told you about my experience; now it’s your turn to tell us in the comments below!


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Anthony M.

Founder, Head Content Creator. Chemical Engineer. Entrepreneur. Instructor. Writer. Traveler. Once a cog in the traditional workforce machine, I decided to stake my claim in the freelancing business and haven’t looked back since. Working remotely is the first step to freedom, bringing you the ability to call your own shots and organize your own time. Now, however... I'm going to teach you how.

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