Let's get our thinking caps on and start formulating ideas like the entrepreneurs we are - 2019 is the year for online revenue!

9 Online Business Ideas for 2019

Good news: 2019 is a year for making huge online income! Make the most out of it with these 9 Online Business Ideas for 2019!

I honestly already knew it myself before I read about it – online opportunities are only going to get more numerous in 2019, and those of us seeking to boost our online businesses and make more money are about to start seeing just how good this year will be.

But how to begin, and what are the best ways right now to make money as an online entrepreneur? We’ve got your back with these 9 Online Business Ideas for 2019, so you can start growing like there’s no tomorrow!

Hello there! Anthony here, with our latest post on Begin Wandering. If you’ve been paying attention to what we’ve been posting lately, we’ve decided to pay a lot more attention on your business needs, meaning we’re going to start providing you with financial and entrepreneurship ideas for you to generate a large amount of monthly income that will keep you away from dreaded office jobs. How’s that sound?

Recently, I’ve met quite a few people in dozens of different niches looking to expand their reach and boost their brands across their networks, and I’ve realized just how essential it is to have an idea of what actually drives a business. Because, you see, the concepts necessary to start a business are easy – finding something you like, which people will pay money for, and that you are preferably good at – but actually implementing these concepts and making them work over time, as well as scaling them as you advance, are tough tasks!

How many businesses hit a level where they simply stop growing – hitting the plateau -  and can’t get seem to get this? This particular phenomenon can happen due to a lack of ambition on the CEO’s part, having fallen into a comfort zone, an outdated business plan, a deficient pricing strategy, or many other things (find out more about escaping the plateau and moving forward in this article by Entrepreneur.com), but it all comes down to not taking the necessary risks and paying enough attention to your business.

Therefore, in this article, in which you will be provided with an excellent list of 9 Online Business Ideas for 2019, I want to focus on two main subjects in particular:

1) Ideas for starting a new business in 2019, providing you with excellent prospects for enterprises that you can invest in with hopes of generating excellent returns.


2) Ideas for growing your existing business in 2019, allowing you to begin laying down the first foundations for the next level of your enterprise and commencing your transformation from “decent” to “massive”.

In any case, it is time to get started with Begin Wandering’s 9 Online Business Ideas for 2019!

1. Instant Value - Becoming an SEO Expert

If you’ve ever wanted to learn something that can immensely and simultaneously contribute to not only your business’s value, but yours as well, Search Engine Optimization is your go-to skill. Not even programming, graphic design or social media management will help you in the world of entrepreneurship as learning SEO will.

Imagine this for a second: your business still isn’t getting the attention you expected, and despite the fact that you’ve got a fascinating premise going on and your content is amazing, your company and its website just don’t seem to be creating the impact on your niche that you were expecting. People just aren’t visiting your site, they’re not reading your articles, and it looks like you’ve created an expensive “flop” of a project. Yikes!

"Can you see the green, Bill?" -Yeah, sure. What does it mean? "You're bankrupt."(Source: Pixabay)

But this needn’t be the case. It isn’t even about not having invested enough into your marketing budget either – sure, a few AdWords here and there could have increased your numbers – but actually about knowing the most basic and effective form of reaching the people you want to reach: SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the process used to ensure the visibility of a website, web page, blog article or similar online content through the clever and efficient use of keywords, high-quality content, readability, title length and adequate URLs. The use of internal and external links, as well as the effective use of images, can also help create a powerful website that will bring in hundreds to thousands of visitors per month, and transform simple viewers into buyers.

Learn to become an SEO Expert this 2019, and your business will grow alongside your income!

2. Become a Host or Hostess – Renting on Airbnb

Have you ever wondered how much you can make by renting one of your properties on Airbnb? Well, according to this link on Indeed.com, Airbnb hosts/hostesses make an average yearly salary of $87,722, which is a whopping 169% more than the U.S. national median!

Can you imagine making all of that as passive income – and I’m saying “passive” because you’re putting very little effort into this beyond meeting and greeting each guest that decides to stay at your place – while being able to invest in more properties and double, triple or quadruple your income! It’s like printing money!

Unless you accidentally host your property to the guys from Project X, this is easy money! (Source: Pixabay)

And more importantly, there’s a practice (that many frown upon) in which you sub-let (rent somebody else’s property) on Airbnb, making money without even having a home! Make sure you talk to your landlord about this, however, or you might end up without income and without a roof over your head.

3. Exposing yourself –  and expanding your personal brand

On Begin Wandering we’ve been disguising ourselves practically anonymously for long enough, which is why we’ll soon start to release video tutorials and podcasts – but why is this relevant? 

Simple. Let me tell you something I’ve learned not from what I’ve researched, but from the big entrepreneurs I’ve worked with: you can be as successful as you want, but you’ll always earn a great number of additional opportunities by representing yourself as a personal brand, and not simply hiding behind your company name.

(Source: Pixabay)

An eBook author can make thousands on book sales on Amazon – but they can make hundreds of thousands in interviews, book signings and in-person conferences; a make-up artist can make hundreds by creating blogging guides, but they can make thousands in live workshops and on a YouTube channel; an expert digital marketer can make hundreds of thousands working for big companies online, but they can make millions by creating a company and advertising their services on TV and social media with a face in front of their business.

It’s not rocket science. Putting a face on your success can take you to entirely new levels, whether you want to or not. You’re missing out by hiding behind a ghost identity, a screen-name or your employees. Expose yourself, and you’ll see how your success grows!

4. Affiliate Marketing & Sponsored Posts – Become a millionaire on YouTube and Instagram

Have you ever seen or heard one of your favorite YouTubers or social media influencers advertising a product in the most blatant, shameless way possible? Do you often wonder how much they’re getting paid for it or if it’s worth it?

Allow me to tell you – it’s definitely worth it. The average influencer (10-99k followers or subscribers) can easily earn $250 to $600 by making a single post or dedicating part of a video to the advertising of a product; a medium-to-big influencer, meanwhile (over 100,000 followers) can demand around $2000 per picture or video. The biggest influencers? Many with a few million followers have been known for making anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000 for posting something across all of their social media.

THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND?! Yes, you read that correctly.

"Sir, are you going to order? SIR?(Source: Pixabay)

Still, to become an influencer, you have to work hard on gaining those followers. Gaining followers is a job in itself, creating content and reaching more and more people across your networks, producing niche-specific content and driving your identity towards the people that matter (clients).

Start today, get yourself producing content and start linking up with the big brands in your niche, and you could be a millionaire by the time 2019 is done!

5. Sharing what you know – Creating courses and selling them

Let me clear this up right away. On Begin Wandering, we can’t STAND so-called gurus on the Internet, who pretend to know everything and try to teach everybody to do something without proving that they’ve done it themselves and succeeded – but that doesn’t mean nobody should stop themselves from teaching the world what they know.

Sure, I can understand that may you’re shy about something and haven’t actually done it yourself (for example, you may be really good at telling stories and can identify what exactly a writer should do, but you haven’t formally written a book yourself yet), but many people actually go all the way and fake it by pretending they’re an expert at something, just because that particular niche will make them rich once they start selling courses. These are the worst kind of “gurus”, influencerscoaches, or whatever you wish to call them.

Disclaimer: This doesn't work, but thanks for buying this course anyway! (Source: Pixabay)

Being genuinely good at something is a real gift. If you’ve got this gift, then why not? Start producing courses and tutorials – not all of them at a cost, please; don’t be a miserable, greedy little character of suspicious intentions – and offer them across your social media and websites to ensure they reach potential students. Many people will actually be grateful to see that you’re helping them learn: BeginWandering.com is a perfect case of this!

If you’re going to start monetizing your courses, make sure to see what the competition is doing, and don’t forget to price them with a “7” at the end. For some reason, courses going for $297 sell more than those at $299. Food for thought.

6. eBook Extraordinaire – Making money as an author

Are you passionate about a particular subject and feel like you could start making some money out of it? Well, I’ve got the precise business idea for you – producing eBooks and selling them to the world as an author!

You may find yourself looking at authors like somebody out of your reach, but anybody can become an author in modern times. Scribd, Amazon.com’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble and other such companies/tools have been created precisely to give any Average (or not-so-average) Joe the opportunity to become an author and start producing eBooks on the subjects that they love and want to share with the world.

(Source: Pexels)

Selling books, of course, involves more than just writing the thing, publishing it and waiting for the money to start rolling in, but you’ll certainly do better by starting to learn in 2019 just how exactly you can market your work and get it to more clients. Massive giveaways, events, promotions and affiliate marketing are just a few ways of getting your books into the hands of customers, and you may find out more strategies yourself.

Believe me, the eBook business is much bigger than you believe. You can easily make six-to-seven figures within three-to-four years of concentrated efforts. Not lying here. Good luck though – you’ll be among plenty of competition… including myself! ;)

7. Facebook Ads – Welcome to the Jungle

I’ve decided to call this particular idea “the Jungle”, because you are going to be in an incredibly popular and messy field that is only growing more and more as the months pass. Virtually everyone with an established business (we’re almost there) is on Facebook Ads, and this can cause the whole thing to become a bit distorted.

Distorted?” you ask. Yes, my friend. Facebook still can’t seem to keep their system up all the time, as you can read about in this Bloomberg article about a disastrous Black Friday incident last year; many newbie users are also stuck in a permanent state of throwing money at bad results due to a lack of credible sources of advice as you can see here on a Forbes article.

So their website goes down before Black Friday and I don't get a refund? Awesome! (Source: Pixabay)

Remember – Facebook are happy in taking your money and doing what you paid them for, but it won’t mean instant success (or success at all). As in everything, you have to know how the ads work, who you want to target and why, as well as use all your power of persuasion through good copy and credible claims.

Look for help on groups such as Facebook Ad Buyers, where people share their experiences, tips and even their failures, and you’ll be on your way to joining this unpredictable but very rewarding business. You may even find yourself offering services of your own as a marketing specialist!

8. E-commerce isn’t dead – Redefining your retail brand as an online business

My experience won’t be the main focus in this particular business idea – I have never been a fan of selling anything other than what I write, due to the fact that I’m not very big on dealing with manufacturers, inventories or the sheer immensity of competition that you can find in dropshipping – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t met highly successful, highly wealthy dropshipping experts that have made millions without ever having to physically touch any of the products they sell.

Incredible, I know. You can actually have a giant, powerful and popular store without being familiar with the products you sell other than their sales descriptions, and it’s all thanks to the modernization of the buying and selling process on the web.

(Source: Pexels)

Dropshippers are, after all, in control of a great number of variables that influencers, freelancers and many other entrepreneurs aren’t. They decide how much of a budget they’re going to spend on their marketing, what their page is going to look like and what they’re going to sell; they don’t have to go out looking for client after client, but instead aim wider and try to reach entire markets as a whole. This doesn’t mean that they’re trying to grab anyone that is willing to give them a moment’s attention, either – simply that they can spread their sales to more people without having to work them as differently as a freelancer might have to in an interview.

Downsides, however, include delivery times, pricing strategies, the great amount of competition, refunds, payment methods (PayPal for example, has really begun to make things tough for dropshippers) and product quality in some cases. Be aware of these factors if you have dropshipping in mind for your next enterprise.

9. Monetizing your abilities – You can earn money from anything you know how to do

This isn’t a regular business idea, so I may have lied with the title. This is more than just that.

I believe that every single human being has value: from the poorest, most unfortunate soul, to the smartest, most efficient and most capable of people. Monetary value, in the sense that they are worth money in what they knowwhat they can dowhat they can teach and everything they have witnessed in their lives. Nobody in this world is useless or worthless as many would have them believe. Every single person can achieve something in their lives if they put their mind to it, especially if they concentrate on what they like and know how to do.

(Source: Pixabay)

In comes the monetization side of things. This is the very reason I set up BeginWandering.com from the beginning – my vision and mission, so to speak. I want to teach everybody to monetize themselves, their skills and knowledge in a way that is unique to them only. I started working as a freelance writer in 2015, but I’ve become so, so much more than just that. The lessons I’ve had have been invaluable, and my CV has changed immensely since I began. Sure, I’m a chemical engineer graduate in real life, but online I can say much more about myself than that.

This is what I’m giving you as advice: monetize yourself; become MORE than the label you’ve been given; plunge into the deepest waters and look to actually challenge yourself in what you do. I believe in the value of each and every person, so what’s keeping you from believing in your own?

This is the final business idea of 2019, but it is a timeless, infinite and eternal idea. Believe in yourself.


The year 2019 will be a special year, but you will only reap its benefits if you work hard and apply yourself in whatever business you decide to pursue, so always venture forth with an open mind and a brave soul.

Your determination, self-belief and maturity will be crucial in whatever you decide to do from now on, and you’ll soon grow to be somebody much better than what you used to be.

Do not stop moving forward. Never stand still. It is one of my mottos, and it should be what drives you to what you want to be. Permanent movement, always learning and working hard on evolving.

I wish you good luck with whatever project you decide to take part in.

Before we end this article, however, I ask you:

Which of these was your favorite idea?


Do you have any in mind to get involved in?


Comment below, and don’t forget to SUSCRIBE to Begin Wandering!


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